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County attorney holds drug awareness seminar

A special meeting sponsored by Nicholas County Attorney Dawn Letcher was held on July 27 at the Nicholas County Health Department. The purpose of the meeting was to heighten awareness of the drug problem and to seek solutions for the community in Nicholas County.

Letcher began by asking, "What is the main drug usage problem in the county?"

Almost everyone in attendance knew the correct answer - pills. Letcher continued the discussion by pointing out how some of the actions taken to fight prescription drug abuse are not effective. "As legal officials, we are putting people in jail and taking away their children, but this is not fixing the problem."

The goal is to eventually have several programs for rehabilitation in the county. Mrs. Letcher stressed, "We need to remember that many of these addicts do not have a place to sleep. So I would like to keep the fee cost as low as $5.00 per day."

One of the programs that Dawn Letcher introduced at the meeting was a 12-step rehabilitation program. Nicholas County native William Michael Power was present to provide additional information. Mr. Power began by talking about his past and how he got where he is today.

Walking trail plans progress


It isn’t uncommon to find people out in the community of Carlisle walking for exercise. They can be seen walking down the sidewalk in town, out at Vanlandingham Park, at the Carlisle Cemetery, or even at the old Jockey building parking lot.

The county has shown an interest for a dedicated, safe place to walk. As early as the spring of 2011, that place should become a reality.

The county applied for and received a 50/50 cost-share grant from the recreational trails program for the construction of a walking trail to be located at "Jockey Park" on the west end of town where the soccer fields are located.

The county acquired the land a few years ago from Jockey International. The trail will be 3/4 mile long and four to six feet wide, compared to trails at state-maintained parks, which are 1 mile long and 2-5ft wide.

Magistrate Steve Hamilton, in whose district the park will be located, commented, "This is going to be a benefit to the entire community. It will be a place where people can come have a picnic and then do an evening walk." Hamilton added. The total cost of the project will be $95,000. The amount received from the grant covers $45,000 with the county’s contribution totaling $50,000 which covers the value of land, the money that will be spent on equipment and the labor costs.

The funds the county received were specifically earmarked for the construction of the trail and cannot be used for any purpose other than the park. Money that isn’t used directly for the trail will go to building a shelter house, putting in concrete slabs where benches and trashcans will be placed, and for a parking lot.

"We’re hoping the park will be able to grow and be used for even more purposes in the future," said Judge Tincher.


Real Food for Real Guys!

The notion that a guy must have burgers and pizza to be a ‘real man’ is interesting, since it is exactly that -- the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) that has gotten us in trouble. If you find you don’t have the energy you want, or perhaps have more of YOU than you’d like, it may be worth considering a fresh meaning for those words: Real Food! If you are a guy (or if there’s a guy you care deeply about), ponder these 5 changes to diet that can go a long way toward providing the real energy, real strength, real healthy body you crave:

1) Choose real nourishment for your daily -- yes, that means every single day -- breakfast. By starting your day with nutrient dense foods -- think veggie omelet, oatmeal with berries and nuts -- you will be amazed at the staying power you have until lunch.

2) Trade that morning diet cola for a super size bottle of pure water. The phosphates in the soft drink leach calcium from your bones, and actually weaken you. Water lubricates your joints and helps you to move more effectively.

3) Drive past the fast-food burger joint at lunch and opt for a bowl of lentil or black bean soup, alongside a wrap filled with chicken, guacamole, peppers, spinach and onions. You’ll still get plenty of good protein, but the ratio of veggies to protein shifts, and you’ll have more energy to finish the day.

4) Help yourself to a mid-afternoon snack of nuts with an apple. The combination of the protein (nuts) and slowly-digested carbohydrates (apple) balances your blood sugar, keeping your mind clear and focused for those late-in-the-day meetings that can be exhausting.

5) Lighten up for supper. The word ‘supper’ has the same root as ‘supplement,’ and it is meant to be just that -- a supplemental meal. You need big energy in the morning and afternoon, so bigger meals are the perfect thing. However, in the evening, you need much less energy, so that caesar salad, steak, baked potato and hot rolls combo stays with you (as more YOU!) instead of being burned up as fuel. Tomorrow try a big bowl of soup OR a small chicken breast with steamed veggies for supper. Chances are you’ll sleep better as a bonus!

By shifting the meaning of ‘real food’ to meaning the whole, real foods as provided in nature, as opposed to the items that resemble food but were manufactured by man, you will build strength, increase energy, develop stamina and truly be the ‘real man’ you desire.

Ms. Antonini will be conducting FREE webinars in August and you are invited to participate. The Aug. 18 webinar is entitled 'Kids and Healthy Eating DO Go Together!' Go to http://websites.integrativenutrition.com/PAntonini/Events/Index.aspx for details and to register. You'll gain very helpful information about feeding your family more nutritious meals.


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