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March 27, 2013



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Annual Easter Egg Hunt

by Stephen Scalf

This past Saturday was a big day for the Easter bunny here in Nicholas County. At 11:00 a.m. on Mar. 23 the annual Easter egg hunt at Nicholas County’s courthouse took place. Children lined up along the edges of the lawn in anticipation for the hunt to begin.

Thousands of eggs were scattered across the lawn and filled with treats.

At 4:00 p.m. Carlisle Christian Church held yet another Easter egg hunt. Once again the children came with their baskets, ready to collect as much candy as possible.

After all the eggs were collected the children returned to the church where they sorted through their findings. Some of them were filled with a piece of paper with a number on it, identifying the order in which the children were able to select a prize from the table filled with treats. The prize table had toys ranging from stamps, notebooks, chalk, and other various items.

Dreaming of a white... Easter?

by Stephen Scalf

Winter was late arriving in Kentucky this year. Children who wished for a white Christmas were sorely disappointed this year when temperatures reached the 50 degree mark.

March has been a different story, with more snow this month than the rest of the winter months combined, and with temperatures averaging more than three degrees colder than December.

The lingering winter weather has many locals grumbling comments about untruthful groundhogs who obviously don't know their shadow from a hole in the ground. (The wooly worms got it right this year, by the way.)

Fiscal court approves ambulance loan; announces cleanup week

by Josh Shepherd

The Nicholas County Fiscal Court held a special called meeting this past Friday with one of the key items on the agenda being the acquisition of a new ambulance for the county. Following the recommendation of Nicholas County Judge Executive Mike Pryor, the magistrates approved a three year loan for the vehicle.

Approval of the ambulance loan was basically a formality, Judge Pryor said. Approval was quick and unanimous. The term for the ambulance was a three year variable interest loan. The interest rate is currently at 3 percent and while that may change, Judge Pryor suggested they remain with the variable loan.

Should the fiscal court have opted for a fixed interest loan, it would remove the option for the fiscal court to accelerate the purchase of the ambulance if an opportunity presented itself. With a fixed rate loan, he explained, there is a penalty attached for early payment. Such would not be the case in a variable interest loan.

Although there was no vote required, Judge Pryor also wanted to take advantage of the special meeting to announce the dates for the Nicholas County wide cleanup.

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