Mobile Car Body Repairs Near Me

For the past 15 years, mobile car body repairs have been a prosperous automotive industry market in the UK. The smart repair idea was born in America as a result of the need to minimize repair costs in car showrooms and garages for minor collision damage on cars. All damage to vehicles was passed to an accident repair center for correction before the advent of the smart repairer. The car was off the garage forecourt for up to 1 week to complete the repairs for the accident repair center. The longer a car is off the sales floor, the more potential customers it will lose, so it needed a solution, the answer appears to be smart repairs.Check car body repair near me.

The term Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques refers to smart repairs. It is basically a scaled down version of a body shop designed specifically for the customer to be mobile and cost-effective. With such a company having no static site over heads like garage space, the cost of repairing leased units and high equipment was dramatically reduced. If I say a scaled-down version, I mean this in the literal sense of the word, as in every aspect of a car body repair from its materials and equipment to its products and services stripped down to its basic elements, such as a body shop requiring an oven to cure all paint and lacquer items on vehicles, this is usually a large and bulky piece of equipment that is not exactly portable.

His flexibility and cost savings are the main advantage of using smart repairs for light collision damage. It is possible to repair the repair sustained on a vehicle at any destination as a mobile service. With average repair times of 2–3 hours its ideal for garage and showrooms because they would lose virtually no downtime on the car, so that the car would be readily available after the repair to be put back on the forecourt with minimal time loss and customer interest.

Particularly important to the consumer is the cost savings of such a system. Up to 75% lower than regular accident service center rates for equivalent services with smart repair costs. This is mainly due to cuts in overhead costs as discussed above.

Since the launch of the smart repair service, its extension to the private sector from its original trade market, and with many of us out there that own cars and like to keep them in their original condition, I am sure that the expansion will not only be beneficial for the automotive industry, but will also create other opportunities for further development and change.